Douglas Heck – Owner / Entrepreneur

Making your business run better is my primary focus. My goal during every engagement is to leave you better off when I finish than you were when I began. In two words, Continuous Improvement.

Delivering Value

My focus is on solving your data management and data automation needs. From designing new database applications for the desktop or for the web, to manipulating data for very specific needs, I will deliver value to your operation. Quite often, an organization will push spreadsheets to their limit, then look for a stronger data management solution by converting a set of spreadsheets into a relational database with a user friendly front end. I’ve designed, developed and delivered many data management solutions through great Database Engineering.

Ever Changing Needs

As the Internet and Internet-related technology permeates everything we do and touch, it often makes sense to build web applications (applications built to run in a web browser) rather than desktop applications. This allows for easier delivery of the application and updates to functionality without the need to load the update on every users’ computer or device. With an update applied to the web server, every subsequent user will see all updates immediately.