The Mix Book is a browser-based asphalt “Cookbook” for managing the cost factors, ingredients and mix makeup for any number of mixes across multiple plants.

Even in this age of automation, asphalt companies employ a variety of different solutions to manage their “Book of Mixes”. Paper notebooks, spreadsheets, home-grown forms are just a few examples of the methods companies use to keep track of their mixes. The problem is that each of these solutions is somewhat painful to use, difficult to share and do little to prevent erroneous mixes from being defined or formulas broken.

Here’s the answer to this – it is the Mix Book solution. This web-based software package allows one or two key personnel to reliably manage the makeup of each mix, while allowing all other personnel in the enterprise to view the mixes in a read-only fashion, providing a coordinated team effort.

So whether you are at your desk or in the field, your book of mixes can always be at your fingertips.

Mix Book Benefits

  • Multi-Plant
  • Multiple Loss Factors
  • Multi-User
  • Consistent Pricing
  • Cold Feed, Liquid Asphalt and Additive Pricing are Plant Specific. That includes Hauling Costs too!
  • Snapshots of past Mix configurations and prices

Other Applications