The Real-Time Plant Monitor (RTPM) is a software solution providing multi-user access to live Plant Production Data, leveraging the data produced and stored by the Libra Systems Enterprise Information Server (EIS). Project Managers, Superintendents and Owners know in real time what is occurring in their operation across multiple plants. The RTPM provides a method of monitoring your production data from anywhere within your operation with a connected computer or browsing device. The feature rich views allow the user to view production across multiple plants, and production for a single Plant, Project or Customer.


  • View data across multiple plants simultaneously.
  • Minimal user-intervention required. Other than the Up or Down status of the plant, all data is drawn automatically from the Libra Systems EIS database.
  • SELF-SERVE DATA. The RTPM frees up the plant operator to focus on the operation of the plant rather than answering questions on production by customer, project or plant. Managers, foremen and accounting can look at production statistics when needed.

Real Time Plant Monitor (RTPM) is a browser-based production dashboard for asphalt and aggregate production.

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