Dynamic web sites can provide a great capability to your organization to have immediate access to manage and update your site content, custom designed to the way your operation works.

Below is a list of sites to which I have contributed and continue to support.

  • Carroll Hospital Center’s Resource Site – This site provides searchable content, all of which is stored in Microsoft SQL Server. The web site includes user management, multiple user roles, and manageable departments, sections and resources, which drive the menu and feed all the content within the site. http://resource.carrollhospitalcenter.org/
  • Taneytown – This site, for the city of Taneytown, Maryland has many dynamic features throughout. Too many to list here. You will be hard pressed to separate the static content from the dynamic content. http://www.taneytown.org/
  • Taneytown Chamber of Commerce – The greatest area of dynamic content on this site is the business listing, member listing, advertisements and list of board members. This is all dynamic data built around a great database model. http://www.taneytownchamber.org/
  • Target Community – This organization wanted a site that was built around a great looking template, but that allowed them to fully edit the content of all pages. Their CMS provides this flexibility. http://www.targetcommunity.org/
  • Town of New Windsor – This site includes announcements, a calendar of events, documents, links of interest and more that are directly managed by the staff of the Town of New Windsor. http://www.newwindsormd.org/
  • Strouse –  The strength of the dynamic nature of the Strouse web site is the product search and product-related information. The Strouse staff has direct access to manage all this information – the Strouse customer base has the ability to search the Strouse product database to satisfy their needs. As a customer searches and reviews products, the site recalls the most recent 10 items the customer viewed (during that session). http://www.strouse.com/
  • Westminster Rental Licensing Program – In 2013 we began designing the Rental Licensing Program with the City of Westminster Maryland. The goal was to provide a site through which the city could manage a registry of rental units throughout Westminster, while enabling owners and property managers to register their rental units in a self-serve model. https://rlweb.westgov.com/
  • Carroll County Arts Council – What a fun site! This site content is self-managed by the Arts Council staff, sharing information about events, bus trips, movies and performing arts, not to mention documents of interest to their patrons. This site is a great example of a well-designed template, combined with static and dynamic content. Take a spin through their site. http://www.carrollcountyartscouncil.org/

Imagine how you might more easily manage your organization’s information on products and services.